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Switch/Circuit Breaker Panel 12 Way

£104.99 (Inc. VAT)
£87.49 (Ex. VAT)
  • Visi switches with push button circuit breakers.
  • Sturdy, great value - UK built.
  • 12 Visi Switches with Circuit Breakers
  • Well-built basic switch/circuit breaker panels which offer excellent features and durability at a very competitive price.
  • The 'Visi-Switch' gives a clear visual indication when the circuit is switched on (black/fluorescent red) .
  • Each switch is served by a separate thermal circuit breaker - push to reset.
  • CB's Fitted: 6A, 6A, 8A, 8A, 8A, 8A, 10A, 10A, 10A, 10A, 15A ,15A
  • Pre-wired and ready to install
  • Rocker switches - accidental switching is less likely than with toggle switches
  • Suitable for either 12 or 24 volt systems
  • Durable plastic panel will not corrode
  • Supplied with 30 pre-printed labe
Specs goes here:
Voltage:12V IP Rating: 65 Height: 125mm Width: 300mm Depth: 250mm Certification: CE/ABYC