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Pro-Power Q Inverter 24v 1800w

£299.11 (Inc. VAT)
£249.26 (Ex. VAT)

This unit converts low voltage DC current into 230 volts AC (50Hz). Quasi sine wave inverters are by far the most popular because they are much lower in cost than pure sine wave inverters but in most situations will perform just as well, satisfying the needs of all but the most sphisticated appliance. The advantage of the ProPowerQ range of inverters is that they deliver more power, for less money, lower consumption from the battery and with smaller dimensions; all key considerations whether your need is professional or leisure. All Sterling inverters are rated for continuous use with all the usual overload, over voltage and low voltage cut outs. All the inverters come with a DC cable and 24 kt gold connectors in order to prevent battery terminal corrosion. Now with multi-speed fans for low noise. Inverters of 1000, 1800 and 2700 watts come with a remote control. These inverters have an excellent track record in the marine environment. Ideal for running 95% of general equipment such as microwaves, hairdryers, TV's, fridges, computers, drills, etc. Most mobile phones, TV's, drill chargers etc. which used to have a problem working with quasi-sinewave, now work fine with ProPower Q units as this equipment now employs switch mode power supplies. Not suitable for washing machines or some bread makers. Installation is simple requiring connection to the battery via a fuse. Output is via either of two sockets, continental Shuko or British plug styles.

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