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Powergem Fluorescent Bulkhead Lamp 24v

$50.03 (Inc. VAT)
$41.70 (Ex. VAT)

Very low power consumption, high light output, water resistant, tough coated aluminium body and polycarbonate diffuser. Water resistant bulkhead light - 24 Volts / 18 Watts Specially developed for the Commercial Fishing industry to minimise battery drainage. This compact unit gives bright but diffuse illumination particularly suited to work areas. Very low power consumption. Suitable for work boats, ferries, survey vessels, engine rooms and other damp or hostile environments. o Diecast, coated aluminium body. o Tough polycarbonate diffuser. o Water Resistant (IP65) o 2 x 9 watt PL fluorescent tubes Item No: C3-PL9 THIS UNIT INCORPORATES AN INVERTER AND OPERATES INTERNALLY AT HIGH VOLTAGES

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