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Bilge Pump Heavy Duty 49LPM 12v

£22.40 (Inc. VAT)
£18.67 (Ex. VAT)

Johnson submersible cartridge bilge pump. 49 LPM - Made in USA. Heavy duty submersible bilge pump - 49 LPM - 12 volts Up to 49 LPM (litres per minute) - 778 GPH (gallons per hour) Rating: 2.5 Amps Fuse size 3 Amps The bilge pump casing can remain attached to both the boat and the hoses during cleaning and maintenance - no tools are required. Water cooled for extended service - discharged bilge water is circulated around the pump motor for cooling. Easy to install Dura-Port discharge ports eliminate stress cracking caused by over-tightened hose clamps. Includes a straight and a 90° smooth elbow Dura-Port and a removable check valve. Heavy duty bilge pump motor with stainless steel shaft and tough thermoplastic body provides for a long bilge pump life. With the Johnson Bilge Pump Automatic Switch (J4-1188) installed, the bilge pump automatically comes on when there is water in the bilge and shuts off when the bilge is dry. Submersible bilge pumps must not be run dry and are not self-priming and must be run in the deepest part of the bilge.

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