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Bep Battery Selector

£83.93 (Inc. VAT)
£69.94 (Ex. VAT)
Bep Battery Selector
The BEP 721 is offered as a replacement switch for the commonly used battery selector swtich. Whilst BEP Marine recommends isolated battery systems (i.e., separate battery switch for each battery bank) as outlined with out distribution clusters. The 721 offers a simple and economic way of switching from one battery bank to another and includes an emergency parallel position. Please note this set up does not protect electronics from harmful engine starting spikes.

Rating: 250 amps (continuous) / 1000 amps (intermittent cranking).

Mounting: Recessed or surface mounting.

Termination: 3 x 10mm tinned copper studs.

Cut Out: 85mm.

Dimensions: 102mm x 102mm x 90mmH.